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Welcome Back, 2019!

Medina County's Premier Outside Halloween Attraction

26 years of thrills and scares, same location!

It is said that anyone who entered past the apple orchard and through the Lodi haunted forest near Medina beware of the worse fate that could await you. The old Smith house on the Ohio property has long been torn down. They say the people who lived there were shot to death and still haunt the grounds. Everyone knew years back that if they went into the haunted forest, they might not return. The elders of Medina County had told everyone that it was forbidden to go past the apple orchard. The haunted forest has been abandoned for years, when people went in they never returned. No one could take a step inside the haunted forest and no one had dared to. No one was brave enough.

Enter, if you dare...

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Apple Cabin
7665 Lafayette Rd. SR 42 Lodi, OH 44254
(330) 948-1476